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What all do I need to Purchase to Run the Machine?

You will need the machine (which comes with the stepper motors),  a stand for the machine, the gecko g540 control box, the router head (spindle), mach 3 control software (or other control software) a desktop pc running windows 7 32 bit with a parallel port (or a motion controller such as the uc100 if you want to use a newer computer, a laptop, or usb), CAD/CAM software such as Vectric, cutting bits, and material hold down (t slot clamps, cam clamps, double sided tape, vacuum hold down, etc.), cutting bits.

Is there any Assembly?

There is a little assembly.  How much assembly there is depends on the machine.  Every machine is fully assembled and tested, the broken down for shipping. For the smaller machines, you basically bolt the gantry on, bolt the motors on and tension the belts. The larger machines are shipped in major sub-assemblies with all of the tedious work done.  You just need to put the large parts together, attach the motors and tension the belts.  

What Maintenance is Required?

There is very little maintenance.  You will want to be sure the belts and pulleys are cleaned periodically to prevent dust build up in the grooves.  You will want to blow out the moving components to clear out dust and make sure the rails are whipped clean.  No lubrication is needed or wanted as the bearings are all sealed and lube just attracts dust.  

What is the Warranty and Service?

There is a full 1 year warranty on everything.  You also get free customer service for life.  We are here to help you if you have any problems.

How much will Shipping Cost?

If you put the items in your shopping cart and enter your address, the website will calculate shipping for you.  The rates are typically pretty reasonable.  For international orders, please email your address and we’ll get a shipping rate for you.